Sunday, July 19, 2009


On Friday Josh's girlfriend flew over to visit for the weekend. She is a very lucky girl. I didn't do much until today when we all went blueberry picking at a local farm. We ended up picking 20 lbs of blueberries, LMAO! When we got back I made a blueberry pie and I got some ingredients to make other blueberry recipes such as blueberry cake and Josh wants blueberry muffins. In the morning I think I'll make a blueberry breakfast smoothie. I don't think It'll be hard to use them all up, I think I must have eaten a pound or two already HAHA.

Josh came back from dropping his gf off at the airport and we played CoD4 for awhile and now I'm doing a load of laundry at the moment.

I was looking at Josh's myspace a minute ago and I came across his brother's memorial page again. His older brother by one year died the year before Josh went to college. Seeing that site and thinking of the pain Josh must have went through made me very sad again. I say again because sometimes I can get very emotional and often in a bad way, i.e. I get filled with grief. Lately I've been trying to avoid this by just being happy, even just by trying to wear bright colors. When I went shopping Thursday I bought a yellow polo and I realized then that it was the only piece of yellow clothing I owned and now I want to get some more. Just wearing that yellow polo made me feel happier and more confident; I was projecting instead of absorbing, literally. Sorry for the ramble, but I want to write this down for the sake of this being a journal.



  1. Blueberry pie and blueberry muffins sound delicious! :)

    I find that I often "absorb" the emotions of others like a grounding rod or heat sink. Most of the time I can handle it, but sometimes I feel like I become "vulnerable" to some emotions and it brings out my own emotions. Sometimes this could be a very bad thing - so I may distance myself at times.

    I have several articles of yellow shirts, haha. What I need more of is green. :)

  2. Blueberry muffins: yay!

    Blueberry pie is even better.

    When I was a boy there was some vacant land adjacent to ours and it had a lot of low bush blueberries. We'd wait impatiently for the first berries to ripen. Then we'd spend what seems like hours a day going from bush to bush and eating the berries that had ripened. Sometimes we'd also gather a beach pail full of the berries and bring them to Mom, and she'd make a blueberry pie. Happy days, beautiful memories.

  3. Shane

    Hey blueberries rule and all this cooking you do im impressed. grief i do believe comes easy t a lot of us, its the life we live. I have a theory we can talk about some night.

    and i really like that projecting rather then absorbing i will have to thik about that. take care and be safe