Friday, July 31, 2009


Josh's gf is up for the weekend... bleh. I guess that makes me the third wheel and just another reminder of how lonely I am. The good news is she won't be up for a while after this because she'll be starting school at the end of August.

I made chili for the three of us and spent the night playing CoD4, although I'm not having any fun with it with a raincloud over me.

Last night after I went to bed my phone buzzed. I checked it and it said 'Message 1 sent.' I was confused so I checked to see what my phone decided to send on its own and it was a text I tried to send to Josh last Thursday while I was in line at the DMV, but since I didn't have reception, it stored it to try again later. It said 'Longest line everrr.' and Josh replied last night 'For??' and I just returned it with laughter at how retarded my phone was for doing that.

I think I'll take a hot bubble bath for something to do and I might be on MSN in an hour or so.

Here are 5 questionably interesting facts or thoughts:

- I'm taking the weekend off from running.
- My favorite soft drink has been root beer for quite a long time.
- It's been raining and gloomy all day... hell, half of summer.
- I bought a bottle of ginger beer and pinapple soda two nights ago and have yet to try them.
- My black and white Puma's were getting worn down and dirty so I went to the shoe store and bought the same exact pair. I honestly couldn't find a pair I liked better than them.


  1. root beer ftw! my mom still buys it for me every time I visit

  2. I . . . don't understand the title of your post. What does that have to do with what you wrote other than your last point?

  3. Honestly I don't know of a title that works so I pick a random word or phrase I've written and use that. The titles this way are often misleading but that's sometimes the point.

  4. It's a long time since I've had root beer, but it can be quite good. I'll have to have some this summer.

    Feel free to share about your feelings about Josh. (Let us be the ones to decide if you're delusional. LOL)

  5. Shane

    im sure you are no more obsessed than any of us are with certain people and th eyfact you get to live with josh well that better than i ever did

    hope all is well, take care and be safe