Monday, July 27, 2009

The east coast: you will get wet.

When Josh was on his way home to our apartment Sunday he texted me "Tornado Warning?" and ended the text with "-Josh-", which is the second time he's done that and I think it's cute. Apparently their was a tornado warning about 30 min away from us and he heard it on the radio when he was getting close to home.

He was indeed surprised at my CoD4 rank and we played that for a little bit that night.

Today towards the end of work I saw a severe thunderstorm warning on and it immediately started to pour and storm. Josh and I ran to my car as we got drenched.

We played some more CoD4 after I made dinner - Chicken dumplings made from canned soup and biscuits. CoD4 after dinner has become part of our daily work-week routine. We get up, go to work, get home, make dinner right away, play CoD4, then pretty much chill in our separate rooms. We don't have a TV yet for the livingroom so we just kind of go our ways.

In my first post I mentioned that I wanted to do 5 fun facts/thoughts at the end of every post. Well, I'm not sure if I want to pick that up because 5 fun facts every few days adds up quick and I don't want to run out of them. What I've done when I wrote a journal on paper a few times is write "what I am currently thinking" to give an idea of not only the events that took place in my past, but the kind of personality and character I had at the time.

Anyway here are 5 not necessarily fun facts or thoughts.
- I went grocery shopping Saturday and bought enough dinner foods to last us 2 weeks.
- I bought my first yellow t-shirt Saturday.
- Today is my mother's birthday.
- I am currently doing laundry and I just jogged for 20 min straight on the treadmill.
- Josh is a full blooded Native American.


  1. Nice facts. :P

    Do you have a treadmill in your apartment or is there like a small gym area in your apartment complex or nearby?

  2. Shane

    We do have crazy weather in New Endgland, hope all is well with youhavent seenn you on MSN lately

    Josh being native american adds a little mystique to him. take care and be safe


  3. There's a small work-out room in the apartment complex in the same building as the laundry room, filled with a few treadmills and bikes and a bench press machine. Any more than 2 people in there and it's a crowd, though at night rarely anyone is in there.