Friday, July 3, 2009


There was a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the night last night, woke me up. It was probably the biggest one I've heard in quite a long time. I commented about it to Josh on the way to work today and he said he didn't even know there was one! Haha, I don't know how he slept right through it. It also rained so much, I was afraid there was gonna be a flood.

Got out of work real early because of the long 4th of July weekend. Too bad I don't get paid holidays yet :( Went to the DMV to get a CT liscence but they closed early too...

I saw an ad a resident put up in the laundry room for a couch and a matching love seat last night. The add said ~$150 for both but when we showed up to look at them he offered to give them to us for $75! What a steal, and now we have furniture for the apartment! Although carrying the couches a quarter mile to our apartment was a bitch, lol. I couldn't pick up a pillow when we were done, no joke.

Josh's mom and brother are here for the holiday weekend. We ordered pizza for the first time since we moved in and now they're playing Ghostbusters on the Wii in his room while I'm playing Final Fantasy XI on my Xbox in my room. Doing BCNM's at the moment.

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  1. Shane

    gad some really big t storms up near boston last week also, hope the visit is going well

    take care and be safe