Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can't wait for this weekend to end.

Not much today. Josh and his gf went to the beach in RI for the day. To stay slightly sane I showered and went to walmart to get supplies to clean my bathroom... it was getting messy. I played Xbox 360 for the rest of the day.

I sleep on a queen sized air-mattress because when I moved here, I only took what I could fit in my car. Well, I think there must be a small hole in it somewhere because I've filled it twice today and it seems to be losing pressure. Can't afford a real bed right now so I might have to get a new one until then. I don't like the one I have now anyway, it has a weird raised pillow area attached to it that makes it awkward sleeping on.

Taking the advice of a certain someone I created a profile on If you are persistent enough you could probably find me on it. I had someone randomly send me an IM on the site but I didn't reply... he lived in Mass, was 27, and taller than me, all 3 of which I'm not too keen on.


  1. Eeks! Gotta get a real bed ASAP. Too bad they tend to be rather expensive. :(

    I've been thinking of creating a profile on . . . wait, that wasn't my advice was it? LOL.

  2. And what's the matter with living in Mass? -_-

  3. Shane

    i really have to second NG on this ome what wrong with MA lol

    I hope that works out for you btw just be careful as always

    take care and be safe


  4. lol, nothing wrong with MA, I just prefer a closer relationship.