Thursday, August 27, 2009

tired.. must.. go.. to.. bed

It's really late, I should already be in bed. But of course it's been a few days since I've updated so I should post now I think...

I've generally been in a good mood this week, even though like two days ago I felt the cold shoulder from Josh as he played an online computer game with his brother from the moment we got home from work until bed. I know it's just me being mental. We've been playing xbox for a few hours here and there, not too much at all.

Last night I reactivated my mule Final Fantasy 11 account. I'm finding i'm going through withdrawal in anticipation for Final Fantasy 14, so this will hold me over until then at least. Anyway, this will be able to entertain me on nights that I need something fun to do to save my sanity.

other than work and that last tidbit, not much else has happened. I messaged someone on Okcupid who had been visiting my profile, and I got a positive response, and now i'm waiting on the 2nd response. Hopefully that goes well. I'll of course give more info about him if it goes further, I don't see a point going into it now.

Josh's new bed came today. I honestly think he paid too much for it and I think he could have found another bed like it for cheaper if he looked harder. I found one much similar that I'm going to get in a few weeks that is about $900 after shipping, which is ~400 or so dollars cheaper. I have the money now, I just want to have a cushin after I spend it. After I get the bed my new focus will be a gaming PC most likely from I'd like to be able to run FFxi well on it as well as any game Josh wants to play as well as FFxiv when that comes out.


  1. I think i'm changing my mind and getting the computer first after all. I can wait one extra month for the bed... I found a really good deal on a 8GB DDR3, 2.66 GHZ Intel Dual Core Quad, 750 GB HD, and Geforce 9600 GT prebuilt. Who knows though, i have another week or two to decide.