Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Exciting (and crazy) Life

Saturday, I met Jason in Hartford to spend the afternoon with him... He's the asian guy I met online. I wasn't interested really in meeting him because I thought our AIM conversations were'nt amounting to much, but I did anyway because I couldn't say no. We ate lunch at this random place and I payed for it. I think I'm the kind of person where if I think I make more money than someone else, I'll offer to pay for things.. and with my raise I just assume these things :P

After lunch we walked through the park, the both of us not knowing our way around Hartford at all. We eventually found the Art Museam and toured that. He payed for my ticket before I could offer again, but it was good because he had his old student ID and we got in for student price.

The art museam was both interesting and boring... lol. I love art, but I guess I wasn't interested in realism for the most part, and that is what they specialized in. I'm more of an ancient artifact/statue/architect admirer.

After the museam we walked back to the train station, hugged, and parted. I'm sure you're thinking "Aww, how nice.", but like I said I wasn't really interested in meeting him, so I wasn't inclined to talk much. I kind of felt bad, but I need to be interested to have converastion, but I just wasn't feeling it.

Sunday Josh came by my room and asked if I wanted to walk to the mall with him, so naturally I said yes. We walked across the street to the mall and Josh pre-ordered Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Xbox. We walked around Barnes and Noble for a few minutes and then went back to the apartment. I like to ask Josh if he would like to go out to eat usually every Sunday, and he said sure. We ended up ordering Chinese, and it was really good. I ordered the Orange Chicken.

Monday, Josh and I played some CoD4. Not sure what else I did >.>

Tuesday, Josh and I left work early so that I could do my drug test. Josh dropped me off at the clinic, went to pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, then picked me back up. We had dinner then we played that game for the next 4 hours. It is a great game, especially playing co-op. Josh's character of choice is Gambit, and I've been playing as Wolverine. This is one of Josh's favorite aspects to playing videogames, co-op is. He's a very social person, and I guess it's rubbed off onto me. I can't stand playing any game alone, it's.. well, lonely. It's also part of why I became addicted to FFXI, the "massively muliplayer" online experience.

Today, work was very busy. I was in meetings for most of the day, and I am being given a lot of work.

After work, we had dinner and started playing MUA2 again. We stopped a little early because his gf called.

PS. I get converted the 21st! Only 2 days left making my current salary, then I get an increase Monday :D Can't wait!


  1. You may be on to something about Josh. One thing that makes it dicey is that sometimes we think thing guys do mean they are gay because if we did them it would be an expression of our sexuality. But guys who are straight may do the same thing without it being really sexual.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if he is gay or bi and is just starting to realize it, pushing it could move him into denial or get him angry with you. So let him go at his own pace.

  2. I hear ya on the art museum thing. I get so bored so fast if it's just one type of art, I need like a little of all types of art to keep me interested.

    You may or may not be on to something with Josh. Be careful not to push it, he may not be ready to explore (if he is at all). Take it slow and see where it goes.

    And lastly, congrats on the conversion! Soon you'll be making the big bucks, eh? ;-)

  3. I agree with the above comments.

    I also want to point out that you are only a few miles away from me at the moment if you are in Hartford. That's Hartford, Connecticut, right?

    btw, what is FFXI?

  4. Cool, yeah I'm not far from the Hartford, CT area.

    FFXI is Final Fantasy 11, an online multiplayer RPG.