Friday, September 11, 2009

Update way past my bed time

A little update here, lets see if I can remember the week.

We had monday off, and I spent most of it in the apartment just playing Xbox while Josh was driving all day on his way back from visiting his gf. At least I went out and got my haircut.

Tuesday I cannot remember what happend :p I probably just played CoD4 with Josh shortly, then talked online with people. This guy I met on the dating site, we'll dub him Jason, wants to meet me Saturday afternoon for lunch or coffee or something. I'm not really excited about it, but I couldn't say no, so I'll at least try to see if we can make conversation.

Wednesday, Josh and I left work early to get a drug test done for our employee conversion background screening... it's really just a bother. Well, after waiting 45 min the nurse comes by and tells me my drug test pass had expired an hour ago because whoever entered the information into the computer entered it from another time zone, and not eastern >.>... So I don't know what is going to happen with that. Either I'll get a new one, or they'll think i'm avoiding because I'm a druggie... (of course i'm not, but you know that right?).

This was also an upsetting night because Josh decied to hole himself up in his room from about 7:30PM until the end of the night.

Tonight, right after dinner Josh made it a point to come over to my room and ask to play something. i think he felt bad after shutting me out last night, because well it was obvious he did. So we played for some while and then I realized the Steeler game was on, so I watched that. Yay, the Steelers won, but Santonio Holmes is on my opponent's fantasy football team, so booo at the same time.


  1. Shane

    Drug tests are hey really neccessary though i hate teh invansion of priacy. I hope one of these guys work out. Always meet in public places

    Josh is human too :P its too bad he doesnt know that you would help him out on that lol

    hope things are well, take care and be safe


  2. Other issue? o_O?

    Anyway, I never understood all this with fantasy football, lol. W/e.