Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend to Myself with some Cologne

Sorry, been a long time since last post.

All this week Josh has been needing to stay late at work to get things done, and he was starting to tick me off because I knew he wanted to leave early on Friday, and it seemed like he was only staying later because of that. I felt like I was being taken advantage of, so I called him out on it Wednesday when he revealed he needed to stay late again. He claimed that was only a side benefit and not the root cause. Well, it seems like he actually is in a large pile of work, so it wasn't entirely his fault. I kind of felt bad, but still I was upset because I was being held to stay later when I didn't have to. That's the downside to carpooling I guess.

Josh signed up to do a "check out" at home for work at 5 AM this morning.

This weekend I have had the apartment to myself. Josh went to see his girlfriend at college for the break. I've been playing CoD4 on the 360... time really flies when you are playing an online game. I can only imagine how bored i'd be without it.

I cleaned up this morning and went to the mall and got a new cologne. I went into the small store after many times passing it and being too nervous to enter. Really, I've just never been in one and I didn't know how you were supposed to browse what scent you wanted. So I went in and I just kind of stood there looking around aimlessly, and the girl who works there asked me if I needed anything. The first thing that came to mind was Guess "Man" because I had tried a sample before and liked it. So I asked for it, then she suggested that I try some other ones, and she brought over a couple of Nautica and she said she preferred them because they smelled more "fresh" and not as musky as Guess. I took her advice and went with Nautica "White Sail", which smells awesome by the way. I'm happy with how that turned out.

Tonight I'll be cleaning up the place since I've been putting it off.

In other good news, I found out that I will be turning employee officially Sept. 21 (or so we hope) and that my salary will be substantially higher than what it is now. I probally shouldn't say how much it is, but it's a good amount. I just keep thinking how lucky I am to be where I'm at and I am very gratefull to be here.


  1. Hehe, sleeping naked is fun! Though I usually sleep with at least a T-shirt on, cold shoulders aren't fun. :-/

    You should go out and explore your state a bit more. :P

  2. Nice to hear your life is heading in the right direction btw.

    p.s. Gotta love the xbox! :)

  3. lol - i remember sleeping naked to let my mate get an eyeful :P

    didn't work though. hah!


    ps. does josh know you're gay now? i don't remember reading that you'd told him.

  4. I have never said to Josh "I am gay" or anything of that fashion. Though, I do think he knows, it's just never been stated between us. I mean he was to be somewhat convinced from the Zen encounter and from me wearing my pride bracelet around him. I'd love to make it an open thing where I tell him, but I just can't think of a situation where that would occur naturally.

  5. That is, apart from me putting up posters of guys in my room or setting my desktop to porn (Which I've thought of).

  6. Aek makes some good points. Sleeping in the nude is comfortable. I don't do the T shirt thing, just a sheet, with a blanket if the room's really chilly, or nothing if it's really hot.

    And he's also right about touring the state. There's plenty to see in Connecticut and in tiny Rhode Island next door while Josh is away. You don't have to sit at home waiting for him.

    Congrats on the employment prospect.