Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chinese dinner date

Just got back from our date tonight. Pandorum wasn't playing anymore, so we decided to get some Chinese for dinner instead. We were planning on going to a place called "Uncle Chong's Chinese Restaurant", but apparently it doesn't exist anymore. Luckily my GPS knows of any local places to eat, so I had it find me the nearest Chinese place and we ate there. Wasn't bad food, it was actually one of the nicer Chinese restaurants I've been to. We talked in the parking lot for a little while aftwards. It was freeeezing out there though. He told me to wear more layers next time :P We finished with a hug and a kiss. He's going to be coming over again this Saturday, hopefully he'll be able to spend the night. If it doesn't come up before then, I'm definetly going to ask him if he'd be my boyfriend. My first boyfriend :]

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  1. Oh that's so cute!! I wish you the best man. ^_^