Friday, October 9, 2009

DMV, Zombieland, and a small announcement

Today my manager had the day off, so I decided to leave work around lunch time. I told my team I had an appointment and I'd be working remotely afterwards, so I left and went to the DMV to get my CT registration and license plates finally. My car didn't have a front bracket for the plate though, so I went to walmart and bought one. It's wierd though, it's not fitting right and the front plate is tilted downwards to the point where you can't really read what's on it.

I left around 8 so that I could meet Anthony around 9 to see Zombieland. We walked to the walmart next door first to pick out candy to smuggle in. The movie was actually pretty good, I liked it, although the sound kept going in and out towards the end, but that's the theater's fault. We went out to the parking lot and talked for a few minutes but had to cut it short because it was so late and I still had to drive back. I'm really awkward, I've come to realize, I don't know what to do in relationships. By now many people who are dating have probably at least made the first kiss and I know we both want to.. I just don't know how to start it. He hugged me as he said goodbye, and I could tell it was hard for him to initiate it too. Maybe he's afriad he's rushing things too much and he'd freak me out or something.

Anyway, he is coming over on Sunday so we can watch some DVD's. We came up with a list of movies we want to make each other see. For example, he's a huge horror movie buff, but I've never seen some of the classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween, so he's going to sit me through them. On the other hand, he has never seen Kill Bill, The Lord of the Rings, The Boondock Saints, or even Star Wars so I'll be sitting him through those.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a formal announcement: I will be making this blog private for one month starting October 11th. If you would like to read posts in that time period and you haven't followed, then do so, otherwise don't and just wait for the month to expire. Unless there isn't anyone who secretly follows me D: , then disregard that D:


  1. You want to kiss him, right? And, without a doubt, he wants to kiss you. One of you is going to have to be brave, and just go for it. I know, I know, easier said than done. Nerves, worries that it will blow things apart forever, doom, etc. Think about it. He says he likes you, really likes you. You will be fine, honestly! Just zoom in for a little kiss, don't go for the big full force kiss at first. After you break the ice, I'm sure he will kiss you right back! Maybe a quick hello kiss, when you next meet? That way you defuse the whole waiting until the end of the date for a kiss. And who knows, maybe you will not only get kissed back hello, but a nice good-bye kiss too! Breathe deep, have faith, good luck!

  2. I think snuggled up together on the couch watching movies would be the ideal time to get to know one another better.

    Why are you going private?


  3. just go for it .... you'll have a few hours to get the right mood set but my guess is he's already plotting something similar

  4. I gave the link to my blog to Josh. Within that month I will be moving and I have a post already planned, so I'm making it private.

  5. Watching movies sound like fun. :-)

    It's been so long since I've had time to just sit down and really watch something with exams coming up and all. :-/

    I hope things work out with Josh and moving and all that.

    *Hugs* You'll be fine. I agree with the above sentiment, just give Anthony a hello peck on the cheek or something. That'll help break down the walls. I'm probably more awkward than you with regard to relationships - I know less than nothing. D:

  6. i'm with Otaku - really hope things work out with Anthony.

    and of course, i also really hope you can regain some measure of your friendship with Josh.

    hope i'll be able to follow while you're in private mode. and right now i'm as confused as hell, coz your blog seems to have changed from skipintothenight to unwaveringtruth, yet i'm still a follower and getting your RSS o.O

    good luck with it all and the appartment search/move