Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday movie marathon

Sunday was the big day with Anthony. First, I got up and went to the owner of the shared home I had signed up for to get my check back. Thankfully he had it ready and it was over pretty quickly. Then I got back and really cleaned up my room since it needed...

Anthony came over a little after 2PM and we started our movie marathon. We saw A Nightmare on Elm Street first. It was alright I guess, a little slow, but ok. Then we watched Kill Bill, which is always amazing. Next came Halloween. This is when we started with the beer. At this point we are mostly just talking and not paying attention to the movie though, but he's filling me in as it goes along. I had a bunch of questions, mainly since I don't think the movie Halloween makes much sense to me. But we put the next movie in, Kill Bill vol. 2, and he definitely missed a lot of it while we talked. He was gradually shifting his body to face me as we sat on my bed. He was getting touchy and kind of just leaned in and we started to kiss. It was a long first kiss between us, or at least it felt that way. We then kind of just talked about how we both wanted to on previous dates but neither of us had the guts in front of other people. So we keep drinking, talking, and making out off and on throughout that movie and through the next one, which was Hellraiser. I couldn't tell you anything about the plot of that movie, I was completely distracted ;P Our kissing kept getting more and more intense, and he even took my shirt off at one point and was just feeling my chest.

After Hellraiser he wanted me to show him how to play Call of Duty 4, so we both took turns playing between deaths for a little bit, then he realized it was really late, so he had to go. He had Monday off from school, but I didn't have the day off of work, so I still had to get up the next morning. Man, did I have a headache this morning. Thankfully it wore off mid-day though, but my lip was sore all day :P

We are going to see Pandorum in theaters tomorrow night, should be fun!

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time. :D

    Did you get a minor hangover from just beer?! What kind of Caucasian are you? LOL. It seems just a bit odd to be making out with horror movies on. >.>