Sunday, November 8, 2009

Broken Heart in a New Place

It feels like every time I come here to post, something drastic has happened in my life. Well, hopefully that will change soon as I get settled in my new place. Since the last post, Anthony broke up with me. I thought our relationship was very strong, all the way up until Halloween and after. We shared so much affection for each other, but then last week I noticed he wasn't acting the same. He was almost trying to avoid talking to me online and he made up excuses for when I asked if he'd like to see my new place this weekend. So I asked him if something happened, because I felt like something was different, and he just replies that he wants to break up... I really don't know what to think of it all, I mean we had a good thing going and he just all of a sudden lost interest. I don't get it. I really liked him, and I think I'm slowly getting over it, but I think I'm going to take a good break from trying to date anyone right now. I just can't handle another set back.

So I finally have a place to live, and I'm all moved in now. I just have to unpack and organize everything. I do enjoy living on my own now; I have a greater sense of freedom here.

Friday night my friend Jamie called me up to see if I needed help moving some things with his truck. I said yeah, then he also wanted to know if I'd like to come with him to a Magic: the Gathering friday night draft event. I was still feeling down about Anthony, so I was really glad he called me up. I had a good time and I played two sanctioned drafts and did surprisingly well in them, considering I haven't seen the card set until that night.

All day Saturday I was moving stuff between apartments and buying food and stuff for the new place.

Today, I finished moving stuff over and Jamie calls me again and wants to see if I'm interested in playing a Magic sealed deck tournament. I didn't have time to play the whole thing, so I just went over and watched him play for a little bit. Afterwards, I did some more shopping for apartment stuff and then I went out to meet Bob for dinner at Chuck's steakhouse in MA. I had a really good time with a great friend once again.

Thanks for everything.


  1. Hurray for moving in!

    I'm sorry to hear about Anthony, sounds like you were blind-sided. :-(

    At least your friend Jamie intervened almost "deus ex machina" like, lol. It's good to spend some time with a friend you haven't seen in a little while, playing a game you haven't played in a while. :-)

    *Hugs* Here's to things looking for ya in the future.

  2. Shane

    Always enjoy spending time with you and hope to chat some time soon

    take care and be safe