Sunday, November 29, 2009


Went home (err... to my mom's house) Tuesday night for Thanksgiving break. I was able to work remotely Wednesday so I left a day early. I find night travel much easier since the roads are basically clear and I especially wanted to avoid the holiday traffic. I went shopping on Black Friday with my sister, but I didn't really see any sales that I really liked. I kind of wanted to get something from American Eagle, but the lines were way too long.

I left Saturday night to head back home, but I stopped at my Dad's camp since it was on the way. He had been mentioning to me that I should stop by so I figured I would. I had a drink and hung out with him and one of his friends in the cabin for a few hours, then went to bed. Got up at 4 am to head out, again avoiding any traffic that I could. Dad hugged me on the way out, saying that it meant a lot to him that I visited. I was glad that I did :)


  1. Shane

    Glad you had a nice time visiting your whole family. working remotely i like that idea.

    sounds like youir seeing yourdad was special to you. Hope all is well take car and be safe


  2. :-)

    It sounds like you had a pretty good Thanksgiving visiting your family and all. That's good. Take care man!