Monday, December 28, 2009


Wow, ultra long time since i've last posted... Maybe I'm just losing interest, idk. I still plan on writing when I can and maybe even try to make the posts more interesting (lol).

I drove back to my Mom's place Tuesday night for Christmas. I left close to Midnight and the drive was about 7 hours X_X. Not a good idea considering I didn't take the nap I was planning on taking before-hand. Jamie called me up and wanted to hang out at the card shop down the street. Alan was with him and we played an interesting board game about building settlements and managing resources. Well anyway I think I barely made it through that drive to PA... I was so tired I considered looking up the nearest Walmart on my GPS to sleep in the parking lot over-night. I decided not to as it was very cold that night plus I didn't want to get mugged or something... plus I just wanted to get the drive over with.

Christmas was nice, since I was with my entire immediate family, which given the circumstances with my brother, will not happen very often at all. I was kind of a big spender at Christmas unfortunately (haha). I got my mom a digital camera because she left her nice camera on a plane... got my dad a bottle of scotch and a mind puzzle thing, my sister a Walmart gift card and a Twilight poster (my idea of a joke, but I'm not sure if my sister new that), and my brother 3 books that seemed interesting. Oh and my dog some treats o_O

I just got back home to my apartment. I left Saturday night, this time napping beforehand. However, I discovered my iPod wasn't charged, so I was without music the whole time since my radio doesn't work >.< Also there was very thick fog for about 100 miles and heavy rain the rest of the way, making the trip nearly 9 hours...

Didn't do much today, went out to the mall not sure what i was looking for... I want to get a PS3 soon, but I think I'll wait until next month. I have a desktop computer ordered from Dell and it'll be coming next month, but I think I may have made a bad choice on it. I looked at some reviews after I bought it (go figure) and it turns out not to be very good for gaming, so I plan on listing it on eBay to see how much i can get for it instead of taking the 15% restocking fee hit from Dell. Then I'll use the money to order a PC from either Cyberpower or Ibuypower.

Steelers are still in the playoff hunt! I'm sure they can win next week at Miami, but I'm not going to hold my breath right now, as they still need like 3 out of 4 of the other teams looking for a wild-card spot to lose their match-ups. Plus I can't see them really beating the Patriots or Indy right now, but maybe if Polamalu gets healthy for the post-season...

If you are still reading by now, lol, how was your Christmas/Holiday?

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  1. Wow . . . I hate driving for more than 2 hours at a stretch, let alone 7!!

    So what're these circumstances with your brother? o_O

    My Christmas/holiday was alright - relaxing and uneventful. Making plans to hang out with some old friends this week. :-)