Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Xbox broke, Lady Gaga, and heat!

Past two days at work were so very boring. I find I spend more and more time just reading articles or Final Fantasy XI message boards. We're in a lull right now I think but work should pick up very quickly after Christmas, or so I hear.

My Xbox 360 broke... it won't recognize any disc in the tray, so it's either a problem with the lens or with the drive. I contacted Microsoft and I'm having it repaired/replaced for about a hundred bucks... Sucks, but it's something I just have to do. At least this one lasted me 2 years.

I finally got the heat in my apartment working, yay! I just had to hit the little reset button.. so now I know it won't be cold here anymore.

So now I'm watching the new Scrubs premiere, waiting for my xbox to get repaired, and figuring out how many months it will take me to get a new computer to play FFXI (I miss it so much!).

5 facts time:

1. I'm still eating the enormous amount of Halloween candy I bought over a month ago.
2. I put Christmas lights around the place and on my fake tree, although the ones on the tree went out already...
3. I think I'm addicted to Coke Zero.
4. I think I'm addicted to Lady Gaga. Downloaded her first CD recently and Bad Romance, so good.
5. My student loans just went into repayment status... FML. Called today and got a bunch of them graduated, so that will help.


  1. 4. Lady Gaga got so hyped up so quickly. o_O I do like Bad Romance though, but her other stuff, idk.

    5. My student loans from grad school decided to kick into repayment status, EVEN THOUGH the federal government KNOWS I have loans for med school right now, and that I'm in school full-time. So those loans were supposed to be deferred. Grr. I had to submit an in-school deferment form and mailed it out today. Hopefully that fixes that error on their part.

  2. hugs. Yeah my xbox RROD for the fouth time again the othr week when i got forza the day it came out. WELLS the xbox NEW is on sale for 149, proly wulda been bettr then u got 3 more years warranty an same day...but just a thught.
    HOW ABOUT l4d2? tried it yet. i mean wow its not much improvmnt on the first to warant the price but hey gota luv killin zombies.



  3. I've just been playing MW2, and I think I will be for quite a while... I miss it though, xbox still broke!

  4. Shane

    I would like some candy :P Hope things are going well. Take care and be safe