Thursday, January 28, 2010

Microburst Snowstorm

It was snowing a good bit today and then it stopped. Just when I was leaving work it started up again, this time a little heavier than before. Half way home all of a sudden a thick sheet of hail/ freezing rain came down and the roads were COVERED and out of nowhere a bright flash was in the sky and I heard THUNDER! I have never ever seen lightning while it was snowing out, I was like WHAT THE FUCK in my car. Everyone was having a hard time on the road and I was a little nervous about making it back safely. Thankfully I did make it back and now my car is in the garage. Hopefully the roads will be clear for tomorrow.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you made it back all safe and sound. Sounds scary. I've never driven in such conditions, and I hope never to.

  2. Shane

    hey that s new englabd for you. Watch out for black ice all week on the roads as the temps are gpoing to be low and once the sun goes down or in th emornings it can turn to ice quickly

    hope things are good, take care and be safe