Friday, February 12, 2010

PS3 and Dilated Eyes

So I did my taxes recently and was fortunate enough to get a nice sized tax return. I've been thinking and scouting hard how to spend my money since then. So far I've determined that I really should get a new bed and bed frame, both of which can be pretty expensive.

Last night, after work I decided to pick up a PS3. I had some money saved from Christmas that I was dedicating for it, so it wasn't going to take much from my pocket so I felt justified in buying one. I went to Walmart looking for one and they were sold out, but on the way back I realized I should stop by an Optometrist (eye doctor) to set up an eye exam because I needed to get more contacts / new glasses. I figured I'd get the PS3 after I set up the appointment.

So I get to the Optometrist and they confirmed they take my health insurance and then they said they could do the eye exam right there, right now, so I'm like alllriiight sure that will save me another trip. During the exam the doctor put a drop into each of my eyes and told me they'd feel funny for about an hour. I didn't think much of it, I figured it was something like Iodine or something to help him see blood vessels or God knows what. After the exam I pick out a pair of glasses and pay for them (wow, glasses are expensive and there goes a chunk of my money already).

Right after the exam I decide to drive to Best Buy to look for a PS3, even though my eyes still feel funny and something just didn't feel right, but hey, no one told me I couldn't drive. I get to Best Buy did a little looking around but I was happy when I found they did have a PS3. I got the 120 gig PS3 slim with HDMI cables and I also got Harry Potter 6 and Pirates 3 on Blu-Ray.

I went home and went to look in the mirror because my eyes really did still funny. I think I scared myself, because I was looking into a mirror in a bright room and my pupils were almost completely dilated! My mind was racing trying to figure out why my eyes were like that and I the only thing that could come to mind was the eye drops the doctor put in my eye. But surely, the doctor would have TOLD ME that he was DILATING MY FUCKING EYES. The people at Best Buy must have thought I was on heavy drugs... So here I am in my apartment upset because my eyes are fucked up and the doctor never told me that I shouldn't be looking at bright lights or using a computer because the monitor emits so much light.

I turned out all the lights, turned off my monitor and proceeded to set up my PS3 in the dark with the light of my cell phone. I tried many times but I am unable to get the PS3 set up with HDMI. My TV is an Insignia 720p HDTV so I figured it would work, but all the directions I find online aren't helping... so I'm trying really hard to fit a new TV into my budget as well as a new bed. I think I can do it.. oh and a new couch to watch the TV on lol. I'm off to play Magic, wish me good luck!

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  1. Hehe, I hate it when my eyes get dilated. It's so annoying. >.<

    Hurray for PS3 and good luck with that game. :-P