Saturday, July 3, 2010

One Year Later

It's officially been one year since I've first started this blog and one year and one month since I've moved to Connecticut. Wow, I cannot believe how much has happened in the past year and how quickly the anniversary came. About this time last year I was living with Josh. I remember playing Call of Duty 4 after work all the time and I remember picking like 20 lbs of blueberries. I remember cooking a lot and making sweet deserts on Sundays. I remember meeting a boy for a month and making a mistake with Josh. I remember tearing myself apart over it and barely hanging on. I have so much to thank you guys for helping me through it. I am very fortunate to have started this blog.

After I split with Josh I got my own apartment and I've been living under my terms. I haven't talked with Josh since. In the end I think it was better for me, emotionally. I was always depressed when I was with him because I knew I could never have him. Now that I'm on my own and living without him I don't get depressed anymore. I've honestly never had a moment since then where I have been really sad.

Nowadays I still play Magic: the Gathering a lot and I'm looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XIV online. They finally published a release date for it: Sept. 30th! It'll be coming out the week of my birthday and I'll be taking about 2 weeks of work off to play it lol...

Next week is Connecticon, a convention held every year in CT. It'll be a fun filled weekend of Magic and other geeky activities I am sure. Looking forward to it!


  1. You've had quite the year indeed. :-) May year 2 of your blog be eventful, but may they be all be positive as well.

  2. Hey Happy Anniversary. Glad your sounding so positive bud. And hopefully this time next year you will be telling us you have met Mr Right and all is fantastic
    Eddie xxx

  3. COD4 roks cant wait 4 the next 1...E3 demo looks FIT.

    BTW congrats...