Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GP Providence and saving money

Last weekend Jamie and a few other magic friends spent the weekend in Providence for the Magic Grand Prix Legacy event. It was a pretty sweet experience and makes the first 'pro' event I've been to. Players from all around the world fly to GPs to compete for Pro points and prize, making it a very competitive environment. It was amazing to see some big names at the event, and it was especially surprising to me how tall they all were in person. Giant! I saw LSV, PV and Owen Turtenwald play and the perfection that they played at was fantastic to watch. Really inspiring. I myself didn't have any byes for the event (Pros come in with 3 byes on day one) and I went 4-3 before I dropped. You needed to be X-2 to have a chance to top 8 after 17 rounds! There were 1200 people there!

I just had the urge to finally tighten up my spending. I just got stuff to pack lunches after not packing a lunch for a year and a half. That alone will save me over 100$ a month. I can cut FNM for a while and save 60$ a month, plus I am canceling netflix (I never use it anyway) and closed one of my FFxi accounts. That'll easily save 200 a month. Working to see if I have another 100 somewhere will be more challenging though..

It's been getting hot again :( I've been hearing about storms that my friends and family have gotten in PA and I am jealous :( We haven't gotten ANY thunderstorms yet where I live in CT...

Tomorrow marks exactly 2 years since I started working in CT. It's quite a big feat and I hope I can make it last a few more.

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  1. Great to see you post again! Congrats on hitting the 2-year mark. Let's hope that continues to year 3, 4, 5 and beyond (if you so wish)!!