Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  I enjoyed giving gifts and recieving a few.  My sister and I got my mom a Kitchen-aid mixer which she's always wanted.  I got my sister a Keurig coffee maker that she wanted for her office - but ironically the day before Christmas it was announced that coffee makers are not allowed at her workplace!  I was happy though because now I can use it everyday at home :)    I got my dad a wort-cooler to help with beer-making. 

I got a bunch of gift-certificates including $200 from Amazon that I used to buy a Kindle Fire HD 8.9"!  Just got it today and already purchased Ender's Game and a horror novel Summer of Night.  I also wanted House of Leaves but it's not available for Kindle at the moment.. There will be a lot of reading in my future!

Lately I've been growing detached from Final Fantasy XI.. haven't been playing as much and instead I've been looking at Magic the Gathering again.  I've been watching streams of people playing instead of jumping back in because well, it's incredibly expensive to play intensely.. which was the reason I have had extra money the past year since I quit!  Maybe the Kindle will hold my interest from either for now.  I also have the option of making a trip to Vegas with some friends over the summer for a Magic event, although that could be quite expensive as well.  We'll see.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    And resist the temptation, lol. I hope everything goes well for ya in 2013.