Saturday, July 25, 2009

DMV Woes

Sorry I haven't been updating this week, I really didn't have much energy. Work isn't stressful (yet) so maybe it's just my mood, idk. This past week I took your advice and made blueberry jam. I only made six half-pints and planned to do more today, but the blueberries are starting to shrivel and I don't think It'd be a good idea to use them for that. We've only used about half of them, but I plan on using some more to make another pie, since I don't think the firmness of the berries will matter.

On Thursday Josh and I went to the DMV again, this time for his vehicle plates and for my driver's license. We got there after work and I stood in the slowest line of my life; I was in it for over an hour. When I finally get to the front of the line they ask me for all of my paper work including my birth certificate, my old liscense, and a form I filled out, and then they ask me for a piece of mail that can verify that I have indeed moved... which of course I didn't have with me, so I wasted all that time for nothing. I felt the kind of shock which happens when something really bad happens but your mind can't register how bad it is, so you can do nothing but walk away with a blank look on your face. Josh was waiting in the car and I just got in and laughed.

Josh had to go home for a family wedding this weekend, so I've had the apartment to myself. I haven't done much, well, I've been enthralled in Call of Duty 4, which I'm getting much better at and is passing the time rather quickly. I got about 10 levels since Thursday and I'll get a few tomorrow, so I'm waiting to see how surprised Josh will be.

Oh, I did go to the DMV this morning because I was determined to get my liscense. They opened at 8AM so I arrived at 7:50 because I thought I'd be one of the first in line, but nooo, that's apparently what everyone else thinks so there was a line from the DMV door up until the end of the parking lot, not even kidding. I still spent over two hours there, but I did get the liscense and I am really happy with my picture.

No transistion, sorry lol I'm just emptying my head. At work Friday Jim, our Web IT director and person in charge of hiring/firing people told me he wants to convert me and Josh into employees very soon, which is 4.5 months sooner than I expected. Now to explain since you are probably wondering how I'm not an employee if I am working there. My official title is 'contractor' or 'consultant' because they have a contract with a hiring agency and had to hire me through them. So technically I work for the contracting agency and I am sent to work for whoever wants my services, which is how a lot of the work gets outsourced. But in reality they did a loophole and interviewed me without going through the agency because they want to hire young people who will stay with the company and effectively lower their depedency on outsourced work. It's confusing I know and stupid, yes. I'm not even sure if I understand it fully, but I'm just happy that he wants to see if he can get me converted soon as it would eliminate any worries I have about them not wanting to convert me in 4.5 months. And as a bonus, when I do get converted my salary will go up a nice chunk, so that's another reason a conversion this soon is very good news.

I'm getting tired as I had to get up early for the DMV, so I'm about to take a bubble bath (yeah, I'm babying myself lol) and go to bed. Sorry I haven't been on MSN lately, again I've been drained of energy and I think it's me being depressed but I'm working on it.


  1. Ugh, I HATE lines at the DMV. They move sooo slowly. >.<

    Congrats on getting . . . converted. That just sounds weird. I hope to see you on MSN again soon! :D

  2. DMV's seem to be like that much of the time. Although there is one about six miles from me which actually doesn't usually have long waits. So they'll probably close it.

  3. i'm glad we don't have anything like your DMV problems in the UK. we have a centralised office and they seem to be unusually fairly efficient.

    i *love* COD4 myself too. i'm not very good at it, but i have got to level 55 in the first prestige. not sure i want to go round again.


  4. Shane

    Dont you just love interacting with your government but glad you finally your license.

    hope your pie comes out well and yea it would be good to see you on MSN. Hope Josh is happy to come home to you

    take care and be safe