Monday, July 20, 2009

More blueberries

Just a quick post today. At work I've actually been given an assignment and now they're keeping me busy. I'm excited because if I can do this well it'll put me on the path to getting big bucks soon, since the profession I'm doing (complex computer programming) doesn't come easy to many people.

Today for lunch Josh and a bunch of coworkers and I went to a Mediterranean place. I was being my eccentric self and ordered a dessert for lunch called Baklava I think.

I packed a bag of blueberries to snack on during the day and I actually started to get sick of them! They were giving me a tummy ache, I was sad. Nonetheless I refused to stop eating them.

So if you haven't gotten the hint that I enjoy to cook, check this out: I made steak and baked sweet potatoes for dinner. It wasn't hard actually, I just put the steak on our George Forman for 5 min and voila! Cooked steak. After, I made a blueberry pound cake with blueberry sauce and Josh made a batch of blueberry muffins for breakfasts. I took a picture of the result! I really don't know how I'm gonna eat all this, I'm making dishes faster than I can eat them.

And what's remaining of our bottomless pit of blueberries:

Well I've gotta get up real early tomorrow since Josh has an early meeting and we carpool, so goodnight! That wasn't as quick a post as I thought it would be.


  1. That all looks DELICIOUS!!

    Could you please email me the recipes for the muffin and the pie? Or all the recipes? Or are they closely guarded secrets? ;-)

  2. shane

    hey you are going to get fat lol, but it all looks good. Cant you guys have a gas grill?
    hope things are well


  3. yum! you should try to make the rest into preserves and save them for the winter!

  4. That's a lot of uneaten blueberries! goleftatthefork has a good idea. Apart from that, and maybe another pie or two, you may have to start giving some away to coworkers and neighbors.

    Cooking is good. Glad you like it. Those baked good look great.

  5. OMG. All I can say is...

    "Violet, you're turning violet!"

    Definitely go for the preserves don't waste them make it last all year long.

    btw, did you enjoy the baklava?

  6. all that baking sure looks tasty :P

    deffo go for the preserves :)


  7. I did enjoy the baklava. It was warm, flaky, nutty, and had caramel on it, and was even better a la mode :)

  8. I think I lost an inch of my already thin waste since i've moved, lol. Me eating healthy has me lowering what little fat percentage I had, but yeah, I don't want to eat too much more of the sweets as they are just empty calories. Although if it's a pie I can't say no, haha.

  9. Fruit or berry pies are certainly not empty calories. Enjoy!