Thursday, July 30, 2009


The last two days after dinner Josh and I have been playing an Xbox 360 game called Warriors Orochi 2, which is a based off of the Dynasty and Samarai warrior games. You are basically a general of an ancient Chinese army and you kill waves and waves of people in battle. Josh had this passive assertive way of wanting me to play it with him (is passive assertive a term? or do they cancel out..). Instead of starting up CoD4 right away he started up that game and I could tell from my Xbox Live dashboard, so I went over to see what he was doing and he had me join him. He was playing that game with his gf when she was up. It's fun.

I've started to try to run every day now in the small fitness room in our apartment complex. I do about 20 min of jogging at 5 mph at a 2-4% grade up hill on the treadmill. Eventually I will up the numbers but since it's been forever since I've exercised, I'm going to ease into it. Last night I tried doing 6 mph at 3-6% grade and I only made it 14.5 min before I just couldn't go anymore. My goal is not to lose weight since I'm already thin - I'm trying to work on cardio I suppose so that I can just be healthy.

Josh is at his boss's house now for an after work barbeque for his 'production support team'. I just made hot dogs and am pretty grossed now that I realized I bought pork/turky/beef dogs instead of my preferred 100% beef.

I went out recently to the mall across the street and bought a ton of white ankle socks in keeping with my theme of wearing brighter clothes. If you read my first post you'll know that I only owned black ankle socks up until now. I got lucky and found some sweet white Puma ankle socks to go with my white/black Puma sneakers :p

Today for lunch we went to a sushi place. It was the first time I've eaten sushi; it was good! I had a spicy tuna roll and a snow crab roll. I was surprised at how filling they are.


  1. 1. 2 Gb is NOT enough for porn. Trust me, that'll fill up so fast it's ridiculous.

    2. Sushi is delicious!! :D I can make simple sushi rolls. I like the California rolls and spicy tuna's always a winner in my book. ^_^

  2. lol 2GB?! I hope you bought like a dozen of them

  3. Shane

    see i wouldnt know if 2gig is enough because i dont keep it its always available :)

    and sushi well that is another thing i have never done lol

    take care and be safe