Friday, August 21, 2009

A Tragic Dream

Last night I was bored out of my mind. I was starting to get worried though, since I was feeling a strong bought of depression coming on, one that I hadn't experienced since close to 4 years ago when one of my friends died. This time it was because I was feeling alone. But don't worry, I'm stronger than most in the same situation, and I promise I will seek help before I even think of anything stupid.

I had a dream last night too, and I didn't even remember that i had a dream until mid-day at work it just flashed in my memory, so I quickly wrote it down and hid the paper in my pocket. The dream was very nice, yet dark and tragic. This is what I could remember:

A kid, maybe 16 years old contacted me because he really liked me. I can't remember how he found me or contacted me, but I might guess facebook. He had a very boyish face, and medium-long brown hair. He seemed like he came from the lower to middle class, from the way he dressed, but honestly I can't remember that much detail. Later, he randomly finds me at a gathering, maybe it was a party. The entire dream took place at night, so it was naturally dark. The place we met was damp and wooden, almost like it was on a gigantic old-fashioned ship or a large, dark, wooden house overlooking a body of water. I was very happy to see him.

The next day though, I find him dead. I was at the bottom of the body of water, and I found a body, and I pulled it closer and I saw his face and the skin on his stomach was gone, and I couldn't take it. I let go quickly. I was devastated.

I find out in the dream, that he was killed because a group, maybe a government agency I don't know, thought that he was carrying a child in him, so that is why the skin on his stomach was missing.

Here is my analysis of the dream:

- I kind of doubt it, but the group that killed him might happened because of District 9. Kind of spoiler, but not really: the main character is hunted because unnatural things are happening to him, and so his body is very valuable.

- The fact that he contacted me like that might have happened because I have been thinking about and communicating on a dating site.

- He was younger because I have a tendency to want to be a role-model to people.

- I think he tragically died in the end because he resembles all of my friends that I have met in life, have either moved away from me, or I left behind when I moved here. Also, because I was feeling lonely and depressed that night.

- The fact that they thought he was bearing a child: might have to do with me thinking about gay relationships and that they can never have a child like a straight couple can.

I love dreams, the good, and the tragic.


  1. hmm. interesting and disturbing dream. sounds like a very plausible analysis though.

    weird about you having cold sweats if you're nude. what would you wear normally? i'm guessing pyjamas? i.e. top and bottom?

    as for the j/o session... w00t!! oh yes, unexpected middle-of-the-night fun-times :P


  2. Haha, hurray for the middle of the night wank! Those are often fun. :P

    Cold sweats, hmmm. Was it really hot? Did you have a blanket over you? When you wear clothes to bed, do they tend to be a bit damp when you wake up? You should experiment! Try sleeping one night without a shirt (but a bottom) and another night without any bottom (but a shirt). Just curious here.

    As for the dream, that's a very interesting theory you have there. It might be right, who knows. My dreams tend to be really random so I don't even bother to analyze them.

  3. That was an interesting post. The dream was really interesting, and you're right, it was tragic. Yet it was the kind of tragic that you see in a movie. Like it almost feels like it had a beauty to it (or maybe that was just your writing that gave it that quality).

  4. I always like sleeping nude upon occasion. Kind of a fun thing!

  5. Although its fun to analyze dreams, I think they're really more like analyzing cloud formations. They're just a bunch or random images thrown against one another. That is coming from the weirdness of my dreams though.

    Sleeping naked is so much fun.

    Sleep tight...


  6. Actually, the content of your dreams are a result of your brain consolidating your memory while you sleep. Even though your dreams seem random, everything in them is a result of what either you or your subconscious has experienced during the day, week, or even your life.

  7. fascinating, that is, the dream is.

  8. Shane

    if that is true about dreams then im fuckd lol
    hey and sleeping naked is the way to go

    take care and be safe