Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slow Weekend

Friday night Josh and I started to play Left 4 Dead, but we stopped early 'cause his brother got a new computer and he wanted to play a game with him. I was pretty bored as a result.

I've been planning on getting a PS3 soon, especially since i'm convinced Sony will lower the price before christmas, but I might wait an extra month or two if I decide to get a real bed first. It's a tough decision and if I were in college I'd go with the PS3 first, but bob had a good point that if I were to have someone over again it would be nice to actually have a real bed. So I did some looking online and found a mattress and box spring and basic frame for about $800, which I should have by next week, or the week after at the latest.

Today was another blah day. Josh didn't wake up until after 1 PM and when he did wake up he really wasn't in the mood to do anything. He had slept on his shoulder wrong somehow and it was bothering him. He's been playing with his brother though since 4.

I was bored so I decided to make a dessert, which I've noticed I've done for the past 3 weeks. Last week I made a pumpkin pie cake. Tonight I felt like a pudding dessert so I made a big bowl of chocolate Oreo "Dirt." That'll be nice and ready within the hour.


  1. Shane

    i still the bed is better than a PS3 :) take care and be safe


  2. Dude, bed >>> PS3. A PS3 you play every now and then, a bed you need every night. Also, like Bob said, a real bed would be nice if anyone comes over. ;-)