Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Monday night I started playing RE5 and went over to Josh's room to ask if he wanted to join, and he did, so we had fun with that for the night.

Tuesday was a bit more boring. Josh is pretty close to his brother, so he likes to play computer games with him online. I ended up jogging for almost 20 min. I had been slacking with that and couldn't do my usual 20 as a result, but I'll probably make it tonight. After jogging I was on MSN for a while and I updated my Okcupid profile with more pics and text. Got a message from someone too and I've wrote two messages myself... we'll see where that goes.

Tonight Josh is playing with his bro again so I'm contemplating what I'll do. Writing in this blog was on the list, lol. I'll probably run soon and get on later.

This past week I've been working at my mentor's desk since he's on vacation and his desk is in the room where my Web IT team is. So it's definitely nice to hear what is going on there during the day. They are currently working a way to get me in the room, once they find the space for me.


  1. Keep up with the jogging! Good luck with the job thing. And hey, with foreskin restoration you can stop any time if you're either unsatisfied, don't want to continue, or if it becomes too much of a hassle.

    Best of luck with everything! I hope to see you online. :)

  2. Shane

    Hey how are you doing and yea the job thing sounds good. Forekin we will have to discuss that :p

    take care and be safe