Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video Games with Josh

Sunday I don't think I did much until I asked Josh if he wanted to continue Resident Evil 5, which we did and finished. We played some Mario Kart on his Wii earlier, but that was pretty much the entire night.

Monday after work I was pretty much bored all night. Zen IM'd me for like 5 min before he went to bed and then I did some MSN :)

Today while eating dinner I asked Josh if he had any other good co-op games for the 360, so I went through his collection and picked out Warrior's Orochi 2 again, and we played that in my room all night, or about 4 hrs. We had to stop so he could make his daily gf call...

While we were playing someone knocked on our door. I get up and Josh asks me if I'm 'expecting company' HAHA. It was just someone looking for a package delivered to the wrong apartment.


  1. Sounds like you have a ton of fun with your roommate. :) It was nice seeing you on MSN briefly last night! Get on more, lol.

  2. Shane

    Hi how are you doing and things seem smooth with Josh but yuou know he wants to talk about it

    and yea its always nice to chat on MSN, take care and be safe