Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend - GF = much better.

Friday morning, I woke up 15 minutes after I normally leave for work since I forgot to set my alarm. I guess I had other things on my mind :X Funny thing is, when I was making my lunch for the day I heard Josh in his room, which meant he hadn't left yet either. The previous day I told him we'd be driving separately because Zen had originally planned to stay the night, but I ended up taking him back before bed. So Josh and I ended up driving together after all. Josh hasn't said anything about that night yet, but I think he wanted to during the drive to work, or he will soon or eventually.

Late Friday night Josh started to do his laundry (which is weird for a Friday) but I think he wanted to pass my room on the way out to see what I was doing. His Xbox 360 has the 3 rings of death right now so he's waiting to get that repaired, so he comes back from starting his laundry and asks me if I'd like to play an Xbox game together, any game he didn't care which. So I picked out Resident Evil 5 and we played for about 4 hours until after 3 in the AM. He left his stuff in my room so we're probably going to finish it tonight.

I got up really late in the afternoon this morning since I stayed up late last night. Last night, thinking of ways to spend more time with Josh, I suggested we go see the G.I. Joe movie today, so that's what we just got back from. After I got up though, I suggested to Josh that we go out to eat somewhere too, so we went out to a country buffet type place which wasn't that good for the price they charged us. Both of us noticed a lot of chinese people there and we thought it was funny that they were eating at an American country buffet while there were probably mostly Americans eating at a Chinese buffet somewhere. So I managed to spend plenty of time with Josh today, with more to come tonight probably. If he doesn't say anything about Zen, then I'm sure it'll come up the next time he's over.

Oh, and sorry, I wanted to be on MSN last night but I was of course playing Resident Evil 5 with Josh.

P.S. Do not for the love of god go see G.I. Joe, it was absolutely trash.


  1. Shane

    glad you are hanging with josh and things are going well for you. And im happy you met Zen.

    Go slow and be careful but keep moving forward. take care and be safe, it was nice to chat


  2. So there's more to Zen eh? That's great to hear! ^_^

    I hope everything works out with Josh, the awkwardness is even awkward to read. >.> Also hope to see you online sometime soon. :P