Sunday, August 23, 2009


We stayed in for the weekend again. Friday night we had a friend from work come over and we talked a lot and played Super Smash Bro. Brawl on Josh's Wii. It was nice to socialize with someone other than Josh.

Saturday Josh and I did some grocery shopping and we turned in our empty cans to get our deposit back. Was bored otherwise during the day but Josh came by later that night and asked if I wanted to play a game, so we played Rainbow Six Vegas 2, which was pretty fun considering we weren't playing online. Also, I have noticed that Josh is saying "Fuck" and "Shit" a lot more now in his every day vocabulary. Before like last week he would say them rarely and would often say "Frick."

Sunday, not much happened. I got up after noon and went out to buy ingredients to make the weekly dessert. This time I went out without any idea of what I wanted to make. I ended up getting this frozen brownie dessert that was on sale and some vanilla ice cream. Next weekend I'm going to be more adventurous and make a chocolate chip cheesecake.

Josh's brother is visiting next weekend, so I suggested to Josh that we go on a road trip somewhere, like maybe Maine or something and find some kind of local attraction there. I did some research for any spooky places in CT and I found a place called "Little People Village" which is some guy's house in the woods somewhere surrounded by little houses the guy built for the voices in his head... Sounds interesting but it's also pretty far away. Does anyone in New England have any suggestions of where we should go next weekend?


  1. How're you liking CT?

    Chocolate chip cheesecake sounds delicious!! ^_^ Send me the recipe please?

    As for where you can go, I have no ideas. I've never really been in the New England area.

    Ah ha! No wonder why you were drenched in sweat!! You were sleeping with a comforter when it's still summer!!! Try sleeping again with just the sheets. XD

  2. Shane

    hey how are things going :) wow ther are so many nice things to do in new england, like this time of year many oeople go to Tanlgewood in the berkshires just north of you

    the Boston pops puts on shows and its a nice eperience if you like the Pops, you have cape cod and marthas vineyard, you could go look at Boston and its musuems its about 2 hours from you.

    Mystic seaport is historic and has some nice retaruants, you have 2 casinos nearby

    i guess if i knew what you liked i could suggest more. take care and be safe

    oh turn up the airconditioner :)