Thursday, August 13, 2009

Work and Play

Last night and tonight Josh and I played Xbox 360 for the entire night. Had to stop at 10 last night because of his gf call, but tonight we played until close to midnight cause his gf needed rest before she travels to Texas for some sorority event. Sooo I'm sorry, I can't talk on MSN tonight since I have work in the morning.

Yesterday we had a company picnic during the day so I got to get out of work a few hours early. Today Jim, our Web IT manager, came by and told me my paperwork was in to convert me to employee, so I will officially become an employee very soon. Sooo happy. Not much happened the past two days since it was basically just solid work and video games.

Short post so I'll finish with 5 potentially interesting facts or thoughts.

1. Sometimes I feel like being gay is a superpower, and I'm at a level of awareness above others who are 'straight.'
2. Josh and I shared the pinapple soda I bought a while ago tonight. Eh, I wouldn't buy it again.
3. Thinking of 5 facts or thoughts is harder than you'd think.
4. I'm mostly German, with small amounts of Italian and trace amounts of Irish. I'm trying to trace my heritage before the remainder of my grandparents pass away.
5. I didn't run at all this week. Keeping up with that takes time and discipline I might not have right now.

OH, EDIT: On the way home from work yesterday I asked Josh if he had any questions about last Thursday. He said no, but he made some random comment about how he thought Zen recently moved to the area. I take it he knows and the subject will lay to rest for now. I'm still glad i asked though, since I'm showing that I'm willing to be up front about it.


  1. shane

    Hey how are things with you and yeah asking him is better than wondering. Im glad he is so good with it and you two can still enjoy a good relationship

    take care and be safe


  2. It sounds like you have a pretty close friendship with Josh, and that's always a great thing to have when being so far from home in a new place. :)

    Best of luck with everything. I hope you and Zen become friends as well (and maybe a little more?)!! :D

  3. I can't imagine just asking a friend if they had a question about something I did, like having someone over. That takes balls I do have to say. Nice.