Saturday, September 19, 2009

Freaking Car

Friday was a bad day. Work was fine, it was my car. I dropped my car off in the morning at a Firestone to get an emissions test and an oil change. I also told them to inspect the brakes because I had noticed they were squeaking when I braked while backing up. I got a call while at work and the guy said that my front rotors needed replaced, I needed a new tie rod, my rear shocks looked horrible, and the rear drums needed resurfaced (this is what was causing the squeaking). He also wanted me to get new rear tires, but I had to say no because of how much everything was costing me. Yeah, it was a bad day because it all cost over 1,000 dollars!!! That's how much my car is worth! Anyway, I was lucky because I had that much in the bank, but it really really sucks because now I have to wait another month to get my bed. With the conversion my paychecks are coming bi-weekly instead of weekly, so I have to give that some time to get used to before I start spending money again... On the bright side, my car runs much smoother now, and I noticed that the steering wheel sits level when I'm driving now instead of tilted slightly... must have been because they re-aligned my wheels when they changed the tie-rod.

Josh and I played MUA2 again for the night, and he didn't call his gf until 11:30 ish, instead of his scheduled 10PM time.

Today, Saturday, I got up, got a shower, and went to the mall to get some new shoes and clothes to celebrate my conversion.

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  1. I'm sorry it cost you so much to fix up your car, bu at least it works better now. :)

    It sucks to hear you'll have to wait a bit longer on that bed, but hopefully nothing else will eat away at your money! Congrats again on your conversion and w00t to more money!!

    Care not to "tempt fate" too much with Josh, he might get suspicious and freak out. o_O