Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last weekend Anthony came over again, this time he spent the night on Saturday. We drank beer again, more pumpkin ales. This time I got Harvest Moon, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, and Jack's Pumpkin Spice. We got more drunk this weekend than last because the Dogfish Head was at least 7% alc./volume. It was also a very good pumpkin ale. If we keep this up every weekend, we're going to consider ourselves beer connoisseurs. We ended up watching Coraline, Drag Me to Hell, and bits and pieces of War of the Worlds and Scream and I was singing along to The Nightmare Before Christmas by the end of the night @_@; I say we saw bits and pieces of some movies because we were 'distracting' each other ^_^.

Tuesday night Anthony and I saw Where the Wild Things Are, which was a nicely done movie. I enjoyed it. Wednesday, last night, I drove to meet him at his house in RI, so that I could attend his screening of Drag Me to Hell at his film club. He was presenting it and thought it would be nice if I attended, so I did. I met a few of his friends, all of which are girls, and then we went to Chili's for a nice late night dinner. I told him I had a good time, even though I don't think I was showing it. On my way back he sent me a text saying that I made his day, and thank you :). It made me happy.

Right now I'm still looking at apartment options, desperately trying to find something cheaper than the one I will sign on Saturday. I think I'll try to leave work early and look at studio apartments... I'm really trying to be cheap now while I can, to pay off debt.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting Anthony again in RI to go to a haunted factory. I think it's like a haunted house, but instead it's a factory XD. Afterwards we're going to go to a bar with some of his friends he wants me to meet.

Saturday he plans to come over again to watch more DVDs. I've already got the beer purchased :P. Magic Hat and Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Plus I have a few bottles left over from last weekend, so we've got plenty.

Oh, forgot to mention: Yes we are boyfriends now. He asked me last weekend if it would be ok to introduce me as his boyfriend to his friends. :P I said yeah, and asked if he considered us boyfriends. He said yeah :P. So he popped the question before I did, which was a relief to me.


  1. I'm so glad for you! You two are too cute together!! XD

  2. that's awesome. i just ran across ur blog and you seem like a cool guy. feel free to hit me up for a chat sometime or whatever...
    i just added u to my blog roll too
    take care