Friday, February 26, 2010

Another day

Well, my brother seems to have gotten worse than where he was at a few months ago. I haven't mentioned him much so it will be hard to explain everything, but basically he was taken off of his psychotic medicines cold turkey and his behavior has now reverted to his erratic self. He tried to overdose on his depression meds with some other drug but failed and now he is at a mental hospital where they are trying to get him back on his original meds. He was diagnosed a while ago with first stage schizophrenia, probably surfaced by his history of drug use. To top it off, this girl he was not really seeing thought she might be pregnant with him........ but we don't think it's the case, at least we hope to god not.

ANYWAY, I just got done ordering a new computer. It's pretty nice, not top of the line but close and has room to upgrade. Decided to get one today instead of a giant HDTV, guess I'll save that for another day.. maybe closer to when FFXIV comes out.

I told my managers that I'm taking a vacation day on March 9th. I didn't tell them the reason - because that's the release day of FFXIII :) Love my job that I'm able to take a paid day off to play video games, lol. I plan on taking a week off for FFXIV.

My bed comes tomorrow, w00t! Only one night left on the air mattress and I'll be sleeping like a king (or queen).

Got my new glasses and contacts last night too... man I have spent so much this month, I think more than I ever have.

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  1. Is your brother older or younger than you? I think in many cases, as long as his meds are followed diligently, he should be more or less functional and okay most of the time. Stopping psychiatric meds cold turkey is always a bad idea. I hope he gets better!

    I had to lol that you're taking a day off to play video games. I wish I could do that! And hurray for the new computer and new bed!! :-D