Monday, March 22, 2010

Gloomy day.

Did the dishes and cleaned up the place quite a bit. The apartment looks pretty good with the area rug I got a few months ago... Doing laundry at the moment and waiting for the FFXI update to complete. It's rainy and was gloomy all day, but it was the good kind. The kind where it's not too cold so it's ok. Stirs the emotions.

Tomorrow my new computer will be arriving, over a month after I ordered it... wow was that slow. Hopefully it will be delivered after I get home from work so I can actually sign for it.

Today is my sister's birthday. She just turned 22. My brother's birthday is at the very end of the month as well. He'll be 19. I sent them both cards today.. hoping to brighten my brother's day since he probably doesn't get much mail at the clinic.


  1. I hope your brother's doing better. And hurray for your computer finally arriving, that WAS slow, wow. o_O

  2. Hey hi, just found your blog by chance, enjoyed the last few postings and looking forward to reading some more.

    How it's turning out to be a nice bright week for you.