Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to posting regularly?

Well.. sorry I haven't been posting very often like when I started, but now that it's Spring maybe I'll be in a better mood :P 2 days ago I started really cleaning up the apartment. I even unpacked my last box from when I moved in! As I was cleaning I thought about "Spring cleaning" and wondered it there is something about spring that makes us want to get stuff done? Another human trait perhaps that is (mostly) unavoidable for even non-conformists as they won't even realize it? I'm rambling :P

I've been playing Magic a lot, mostly 2 nights a week for quite a few hours each night. I think I'll have to stop playing on Wednesdays, since I have to work the next day. Last night I got back after 1 AM and I had to get up early for work.. that didn't work out well. I woke up almost missing work and I decided to work at home (which I can do with my laptop) so I wouldn't be late. I was still tired though and I still have to do some work before I go to bed.

Next Friday a new Magic set is coming out, so I've been pre-ordering some of the cards on ebay. I'm getting a few lots of cards for cheaper than I think they'll end up being when they see play, which if fun and actually is kind of a rush to try to outbid people haha. Like I have to wait until the last second of the auction and click bid.

So I got my computer set up and it's working great! Windows 7 runs very smooth on it and the 24 inch monitor is nice, lol. I also went out and got a high quality mouse, the Razor Death Adder. It's a precision mouse that requires only the slightest movement to move the curser around the large screen, which is really handy.

In other news, I've been thinking about getting a smart phone kind of soon. Probably a Motorola Droid after my trip at the end of the month. I'll be going back to my college in PA to attend my fraternity's alumni golf tournament. I've never actually golfed before, haha... but I'm going just to meet up with the chapter before they graduate.


  1. Woah, that's a lot of Magic! o_O It's been YEARS since I last played. It was a fun card game. :-)

    Hurray for the computer and all. :-P

  2. Shane

    Keep your left arm straight, while swingning the club, keep your eye on the ball always and dont try and it too hard

    computer sounds nice and i dont im pretty lazy in the spring - well most of the year lol

    take care and be safe