Saturday, April 24, 2010

The weekend

During the week I noticed a crack in my windshield. It starts on the passenger side at the top and runs down to the left past my rear-view mirror. I think it might even be getting larger, so I need to have it looked at this week. I'm planning on driving myself and 3 other friends back to college next weekend, so I might need to have that fixed...

Wednesday night was another magic night. I managed to build a crazy deck and won 6 packs. Last night, Friday, only 5 people showed up for magic including myself, so we couldn't sanction the event. It's unfortunate that we couldn't and that all the shops around seem to be competing for players. I did manage to open an expensive card, so I was at least happy with that. Sunday night there is a "release event" that I'll play in too.


  1. o_O Yeah, definitely get that windshield checked/replaced. A crack isn't good.

    You've been playing Magic a lot lately, eh? How's everything else going in your life?

  2. shane

    i hope the weekend went well and how was the golf? hope to see u around soon take care and be safe