Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay, normally I would think I'm just going crazy but I'm convinced something paranormal just happened to me.

I was out playing Magic tonight, as Wednesday is Magic night and all. After magic I headed back home and stopped to get gas. I noticed that I didn't have my phone on me and I checked my pockets and the seat of my car to see if my phone had fallen out, but to no avail.

So I thought maybe I had left my phone at home instead of at the card shop because I really didn't want to drive all the way back. I checked at home and I didn't see it there so I decided to drive back. It is about 12:20 AM at this point so I know I have just wasted sleeping time but I couldn't wait until Friday night to get my phone back.

It had been raining hard earlier and apparently hail as well and when I left the rain had stopped, but not five minutes after I left for the card shop again the rain had started back up but this time it was raining really hard. Like flash flood hard. AND it was terrific lightning storm.

So I finally get to the card shop thanking God I made it there safely and I see that there are no cars there... everyone had left and I couldn't get into the store. I ran from my car through the pouring rain and back because I had to make sure in case the door was locked. I was so afraid of getting hit by lightning.

I ran back and jumped in my car and climbed into the back seat. I decided it was best to wait out the eye of the storm. So I waited about 10-15 minutes and decided to climb back into the front seat when I saw it. My phone was sitting there on the driver's seat........ I said "God?" out loud in a frightened voice. Seriously, I know I checked the seat and my pockets and all around for my phone. It didn't just fall out of my pocket into my seat. Normally I would just say wow I am such an idiot how could I miss it, but my phone magically appeared in my seat. I'm not even mad that I made the trek "for nothing" because I'm convinced it wasn't with me. The lightning on the way back though was just spectacular.


  1. o_O?! Wow, that's weird. >_>

  2. God, I wish John would just appear like that. I wish, wish, wish...


  3. Shane what would u have said if god had answered

    sorry i havent been around lately but hope to see you sometime on line

    take care and be safe