Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cute cards

Had a meeting with my manager last week and he said he was hearing good things about my performance. Then he said the next thing we need to do is get me out of my closet! Then he started laughing.. lol. I'm normally a quiet person, so I hope he meant get me talking more..

Saturday I was at a Magic PTQ tournament in Boston (Charleston) all day. I only had 4 hrs of sleep the night before so I attribute my bad plays on that..

Today I woke up at like 1 PM by some friends from the magic shop I play at. They wanted me to come down to play Standard so that the event would fire. I threw a deck together quick and rushed over. There were 2 other guys that I hadn't seen before and one was cute. I think he was checking me out too..

Anyway.. they had driven an hour from the north to play in this event thinking it was going to be a huge tournament, but they were mistaken. I won the first round easily but at the beginning of the second round I had my deck checked and received a game loss for improper deck registration (I scribbled the list down in 2 minutes). It was single-elim so of course I quickly lost that match.


  1. All of a sudden, your last 24 posts have shown up within four minutes of each other on my blogger dashboard. All I can say is, it's too bad that I didn't get to see them when your wrote them, and I'm glad you're hanging in there and getting recognized as doing a good job.

  2. Huzzah about the work! :-D

    My roommate and a mutual friend are obsessed with Magic lately. It's quite irritating. It's amazing how people can suck the fun out of a game. They did, somehow, convince me to build a deck for generals format (or something like that).

    Nice to see you blog again. Haven't seen you online in a while either! I hope everything's going well.