Monday, November 12, 2012

One year and a dream

It's been one year this week since I've started my new job in Pittsburgh, and I haven't posted since - imagine that!  I'm going to be posting more often, but truthfully I'm not doing much these days.  I've been playing Final Fantasy XI a lot, probably too much, but it's fun and it passes the time.  Right now most of the players and myself are ogling at the FF-XIV trailer for the second launch of the game.  I have high hopes they will do this one right.

A lot has happened the last year though, it's quite amazing what can happen in a year and I seem to notice that all the time.  I got a new (used) car - a 2006 Honda Civic which I really like and is a huge upgrade over my 94 olds lol..

Random, but I had a weird dream last night.  From what I remember there was a space shuttle that was set up to launch soon.  It was night-time and eerie.  I've had dreams once in a while centered on night-time, the stars, space and spacecraft that are always on the verge of turning into a nightmare.  Frankly I like them.  Anyway I remember finding an overcoat or a button down shirt with a lot of blood on it over a chair in the basement of the house I was in.  Something about my brother being the one who left it.  That's all I can remember.



  1. Nice to see you back. Is your job the same as it was a year ago? Do you like it any better than you did back then?

  2. Actually, one month after I started my position the company decided to reorganize everyone.. so I became a business analyst instead. I like it better so far and I seem to be doing well for just starting out.

  3. Glad to see ya post again. :-) I hope all is well!!