Friday, November 23, 2012


My mom has been sick this week so instead of making Thanksgiving dinner herself, she instructed my sister, brother, and myself on what to do.  I made pumpkin pies the night before so I got out of most of the work :P  The pies were great though.. I need to make those more often.

I didn't do any black Friday shopping myself, but I am indeed thinking about what I will buy my family.  I'm thinking a Kourig machine for my sister at least so far.

Today my Dad and I were going to start brewing our homemade beer, but when I got to his place we realized we didn't have a big enough pot.  That gave us some time to look over what else we needed to do at least and we're going to try on Sunday after we get a 5 gallon pot.   This will be the first time brewing for the both of us so we are excited.  He's done wine before so he has some experience.  I'm doing a Fireside Winter Warmer and he's doing an IPA.  Hope they turn out.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving too!


  1. Good luck with the beer. It should be fun to brew as well as enjoyable to drink.

  2. And of course I hope your mom is better by now, or at least on her way to being well.

  3. Oh, brewing your own beer? That sounds like fun! The last time I had home-brewed beer it was delicious. I hope yours turns out well.