Thursday, August 4, 2016

Is this still a thing?

It's nice to go back and read some of the posts I've made while living in CT on my own. It's been almost 5 years since I left and moved back with my Mom near Pittsburgh, PA.

Things have been going well, I think. I recently bought my first new car - a 2016 Honda Civic with leather seats and that's exciting. I remember driving my blue clunker Oldsmobile in CT and always worrying about paying for inevitable repairs. Even my second car I bought used I had to get repaired a lot. I kept with the theme and my new car is a blue, 'cosmic blue metallic'.

I'm getting comfortable with my job in Pittsburgh, learning a lot and was recently promoted a level.

I've been staying with my Mom and my brother's daughter Ava, or my niece. She's 3 now. My brother's in jail for almost another year. Ava's mother's rights were recently terminated but she's trying to appeal. So we're in limbo until the appeal fails and my Mom can adopt. It will be rough though because she's paying the mortgage, a car payment, and now daycare costs - which are crazy high.

My sister on the other hand is doing very well. Recently got a new job with a bump in pay and will be getting married next year.

I still play FFXI in my free time. I think I'll save other updates for later posts! Maybe I'll post again? Is this still a relevant media outlet??

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  1. Hi! It's good to hear from you here. I've also been meaning to post but it's been . . . almost 8 months now. Wow! Glad to hear things are more or less going well for you. I almost took a job in Pittsburgh (of sorts)!